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Group Spiritual Guidance

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Group Spiritual Guidance /Group Spiritual Direction is a process whereby from 3-5 people come together on a regular basis to assist one another in their ongoing awareness of God in all of life. Through prayerful listening, sharing, and responding to each person’s journey, the members support each other noticing, appreciating, and responding to God’s movement in their lives.

Spiritual Formation Program

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Is there a yearning in you that runs deep, a yearning for love, for meaning, to live true? The Christian tradition says that it is God we long for at the deepest level of our being and that only in God will we find the fulfillment we yearn for. This spiritual formation program, facilitated by Kathy Cleaver, a trained spiritual director, will give you the tools and time to explore and connect with your yearnings. You will be asked to spend some time in prayer between sessions.

Some of the topics that will be explored are Spiritual Yearning, God’s Love and Our Relationship, Noticing God, Nurturing Spiritual Practices, Ways of Praying, Doing and Being, Solitude and Silence. The format for the four sessions will be contemplative and experiential.

 “Retreat in Everyday Life” also called the “Nineteenth-Annotation” 

This retreat follows the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola. It includes committing oneself to an hour’s prayer with the Exercises daily while searching to deepen one’s relationship with God in the midst of life as one really lives it –busy in work or unemployment; mortgages, children or empty nest; the single life or in a committed relationship. By meeting with one’s spiritual director weekly over a period of approximately nine months, one is guided in what has been noted by some as a “life-changing experience with God.”